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LA SGCA Jayuzuri Diamond

Starlight of Authenticats

Authenticats Bengals

TICA registered pedigree kittens for pets, showing & breeding.

                                  RW SGC Authenticats Opal Bronze Soleil

RW SGC Authenticats Copper Onyx Aurora

Authenticats - Home Page


SITE LAST UPDATED - Thursday 11th January 2018 -

See the Kittens page for details of adults available for adoption as we are now downsizing.




RW SGC "Rayna"

RW SGC "Shalini"

Our beautiful home grown sepia rosetted girls are both enjoying their show careers before becoming our next breeding queens.

"Rayna" made Supreme Grand Champion at just 11 months old and a Regional Winner this season, plus she was 2012/13 Best Bengal Cat in the EW region. 

"Shalini" her half sister has had some fantastic show success, wowing many breeders and judges, and with numerous finals and Best Kittens at shows in the UK and Europe, she finishes the season as 2nd Best Bengal Kitten in the World, with a Regional Winner title too, and was 2012/13 Best Bengal Kitten in the EW region. Additionally in her new adult career she's quickly made Supreme Grand Champion in just 5 shows at 11 months old ! And she is also now a Regional Winner as a cat this season. She is currently the Best Bengal Cat in the EW region in 2013/2014.

Well done my fantastic show girls - you've really made me so proud !

Both girls are pictured above being judged by Francesca Gagern at the NaturallyTica Show in Doncaster on 25th Nov 2012.



Our home grown sweet boy Riley "CH Authenticats Opal Lunar Quartz" (Lyra x Lunar) is growing fast and is currently competing with TICA - he is now aiming for his Grand

Champion title.


Welcome to the home of the most successfully shown Bengal Cat in the UK -

Supreme Grand Champion Alter,

Europe North Regional Winner,

twice Europe West Regional Winner,

International Winner,

AND the UK's first ever Bengal IW Winner in 2010


the UK's first ever Bengal Lifetime Achievement Winner in 2011 !!!

'LA IW RW RW RW SGCA Jayuzuri Diamond Starlight' - 'Solo'

'Solo' is TICA's 2008/2009 season

Best Bengal Alter in the UK, Europe AND Internationally,

5th Best Alter in the UK, 6th Best Alter in the EN Region, and 7th Best Alter outside of the US.

Also he is TICA's 2009/2010 season

2nd Best Bengal Alter Internationally, Best Bengal Alter outside of the US, and Best Bengal Alter in the EW Region.

21st Best Alter Internationally.

5th Best Alter outside of the US.

3rd Best Alter in the EW Region.

Solo was also the EW region's highest scoring Bengal overall (so out of all the bengal kittens/cats/alters shown in EW)

TICA's 2010/2011 season

17th Best Alter in the EW Region (lightly shown)

Solo - what a globetrotting, fantastically succesful boy you are !


We love Bengals - they are cheeky, naughty and yet so much fun ! They follow you around, sit on your newspaper, walk over your keyboard, 'assist' with the house chores, and demand food at the top of

their voices !

We love our cats because they are so special and make our house a family home. They are a bundle of fun and love rushing around the house chasing each other, or investigating what we are doing - because of course, we need their help !

They are lovable and curious, always testing your ability to hide the food treats. They bounce on the bed in the mornings, and bring you the best toys to remind you to play - even playing fetch when the mood takes them. They are a bundle of energy so be prepared for lots of mischief !

Bengals are great, they make fantastic family pets - just make sure you know what you're letting yourself in for ! Don't say we didn't warn you !

Welcome to our world - please feel free to browse our website - for details on our show cats, our new queen and stud from the States, the fabulous stud boy we have used, our new upcoming breeders, and of course kittens and when they are likely to arrive !

Also there are pictures in the gallery for you to see of my show cats and the fun we have at TICA shows, and the important rosettes that the amazing Authenticats gang have won.

And most importantly please see the key details to note when adopting a kitten from us, the the 'Important Information' page.

We hope you like the new site, don't forget to save our website as a 'Favorite' and come back often to see the kittens !

We love Bengals - they are cheeky, playful and so much fun ! 

Thanks go out to all those nice people that we have met on this crazy bengal journey, through starting showing and then breeding. Thanks for sharing your hard earned knowledge with us, for helping us with masses of advice, general hints and tips and listening to all our random questions. For supporting us and actively encouraging us to be breeders, for being avid show travelling buddies despite the long hours and many miles, and just being there when we needed a mega-long cat chat ! Also for showing and allowing us to handle your stunning and beautiful cats, and visits to your fantastic cattery set ups. All has greatly helped us in this whirlwind of a journey and is very much appreciated, we wouldn't be here without you - big hugs and we'll see you all soon ! xxx

All photographs and text on this website are strictly copyrighted and must not be copied or replicated without our permission.