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LA SGCA Jayuzuri Diamond

Starlight of Authenticats

Authenticats Bengals

TICA registered pedigree kittens for pets, showing & breeding.

                                  RW SGC Authenticats Opal Bronze Soleil

RW SGC Authenticats Copper Onyx Aurora


Introducing -

Second Best Bengal Kitten TICA EW Region 2015-2016 -

'OrchidHouseBengals Vo'ren Faalo of Authenticats' -


DAM = SGC OrchidHouseBengals Sugar Plum Fairy

SIRE = RW SGC Batifoleurs Matu

Our cattery welcomes this frankly huge yet gentle rare coloured silver seal mink boy from our dear friends at Orchid House Bengals (thank you !) He is such a soppy boy who loves attention and play, we can't wait to show him as an adult to see how he does, as a kitten he finished the 2015/16 season as second Best Bengal Kitten in the EW Region, to......

'Authenticats Bronze Polar Twilight' -

(US/Canadian lines) -


DAM = RW SGC Authenticats Opal Bronze Soleil - "Rayna"

SIRE = Authenticats Onyx Polaris Star - "Nico"

Our very exciting seal sepia round tri-coloured rosetted boy, just like his mum in temperament, he loves a cuddle and should hopefully do well showing.

Photos to follow